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Do you intend to renovate your home? Have the colours on your walls begun to fade? And do you intend to paint your house? Then let me tell you painting isn’t your only choice. Most of the possibilities are underutilised and might be ideal for your house like cladding. Cladding is one of the most striking and intricate elements of building construction. It is a beautiful covering that wraps around a structure to shelter the inner chambers from the elements. So, let’s check out one of the most popular alternatives to painting which is Cladding. Further in the article, you’ll get to know about different types of cladding so without sparing an extra minute let’s go to the first one.


Let your cladding be a hot topic of discussion among your guest. Stone cladding is a style that uses thin layers of natural stones providing your project with an astonishing look. Because it does not store much water, it might be suitable for bathroom walls and indoor gardening. Its natural appearance sticks out among the other walls. As a result, it may be employed for the living room’s walls. The benefit of applying stone cladding is that stains can easily be concealed away in the wall as the stones are dark in colour. Also, stone cladding is durable and also moisture absorption is low.


Want to give elegance and a rich feel to your property? Covering buildings with sparkling glass is one of the most opulent methods of cladding your exterior. It has a more opulent and inviting appearance than outside brick and stone cladding. Many architects choose glass because it gives a home a stunning appearance while also ensuring an environmentally responsible installation method. Advocating for their benefits then these cladding are weather-proof. Abrasion and wear resistance is some of the benefits that make it attractive for homeowners. And lastly, when installing glass cladding the best part is it is easy to maintain Corrosion protection.


This is an option to make your outside walls more visually attractive at affordable prices. Its quality is slightly lower than that of wood but Vinyl is far lighter than its counterparts, allowing panels to be entirely flexible when covering a building. It is dent and flake resistant, and it does not need to be repainted. This cladding is budget-friendly and is design and texture versatile. Vinyl cladding is easy to maintain and has thermal protection.


Brick cladding is ideal if you want to obtain a classic appearance comparable to stone while also adding a modern patterned touch. Bricks are a common cladding material that serves as a superb and distinctive envelope for a structure. If done correctly, brick cladding provides a beautiful finish. It comes in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes. Sizes can also be changed. Its installation is complex and costly since bricks of a certain finish must be hammered out and adjusted on the wall. But comparatively the benefits have a heavier weight as It is simple to clean and the colour, texture, and finish are all versatile. As bricks have strong fire resistance, brick cladding is likewise fire resistant and also is thermal protection. Brick cladding acts as an insulator and protects against high heat and cold. It is simple to wash and resistant to fire.


Aluminium is a very popular cladding material and is often utilised for this purpose. It is an excellent choice for basement or storage walls. After treatment, it can even be put on the walls of huge commercial buildings. Aluminium cladding, with its excellent recyclability and low maintenance requirements, does not rust or corrode like other metals, allowing it to retain its original design and texture for years at a time for assured lifetime performance.
Its low weight and maintenance give this cladding an edge over other cladding options.
Aluminium cladding is eco-friendly and simple to recycle and arches are readily made in this case.


Its beauty is striking because it sticks out from the crowd. It has a natural appearance and is fairly durable if properly maintained. After stone, it is a popular cladding material. It is far more durable than vinyl or aluminium cladding. However, its installation and upkeep are rather costly. Care should be taken since rotting and warping can occur. It is an environmentally beneficial substance because it is derived from nature. Its thermal insulation capability exceeds that of steel and concrete. As a result, it can aid in energy conservation.

So all the options for cladding are there in front of you. And the ball is in your court now and if you’re seeking the greatest cladding materials and building advice don’t worry Mitten Vinyl Australia is here to assist you. They are glad to assist you with the purchasing of the best brick cladding sheets as well as installation. They are completely accredited cladding contractors who provide high-quality, cost-effective services. Contact them today to learn more about cladding.

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