Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I install vinyl cladding myself?




A. Mitten Vinyl Australia recommends installation by a professional, however many customers do their own installation with excellent results. It is extremely important to follow the special instructions provided for vinyl cladding – email here for a detailed set of instructions, and see our Fact Sheets for Important Installation Tips.



Q. Do I need to remove existing fibro or timber?





A. Mitten Vinyl insulated cladding is designed to be installed over existing fibro or timber, which provides the underlay required by Australian Standards for correct installation of Type B cladding. The existing material also assists with increasing the insulation value of the cladding. See our Fact Sheets for more information on installation and R value.



Q. Can vinyl cladding be installed straight over new framework?



A. Yes, providing an underlay is installed over the frame to meet Australian Standards. For new installation over framework, see the Important Installation Instructions at our Fact Sheets. See the Gallery for examples of new projects using Mitten Vinyl Cladding.



Q. How do I clean vinyl cladding?



A. Vinyl cladding only requires periodic washing with mild soap and water to retain its new appearance. This is recommended once a year for best results.


Q. Can I repair individual damaged boards?


A. With Mitten Vinyl cladding, it is easy to remove and replace individual damaged boards without having to take down an entire wall of cladding. A special tool is available to assist with this process, and we carry large stocks of popular colours and profiles. Email us for more information.


Q. Can you supply/install vinyl cladding in my area?


A. Mitten Vinyl has an Australia wide network of cladding suppliers and installers who can assist you. For information on the agents and tradesmen in your area, simply phone 1300 176 514 or email us with your details and we will be able to help you find a local contact.


Q. Will I be able to obtain more cladding for future extensions/renovations?


A. Mitten Vinyl Australia carries large stocks of the most popular styles and colours in the range. Our long established supply chain ensures that products can be matched for future building work. We are also able to assist you to obtain most brands which are currently on the market. Contact us for more information.


Q. What is the warranty for vinyl cladding?


A. Mitten Vinyl Australia offers a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty with its vinyl products. High standards of manufacture and quality control ensure that warranty issues rarely arise. In addition, the Sentry act® range of Premium Dark colours offers a 25 year fade resistance guarantee.


Q. Will vinyl cladding insulate my home?



A. Foam backed insulated vinyl cladding will certainly boost the energy efficiency of a home. The range of temperature variation inside the building will be greatly reduced, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This can lead to significant savings in energy costs and benefits to the environment. Insulation against noise will also be improved by the application of insulated vinyl cladding. Read more about Insulation and R value.



Q. Can vinyl cladding be painted?



A. It is not advisable to paint vinyl cladding. The colour in cladding is solid through the board and is designed to eliminate the need for painting. Paint and vinyl have different rates of expansion which could lead to cracking and peeling of the painted surface. In addition, many vinyl cladding manufacturers’ warranties are void if the material is painted. For painting of other areas of the home, such as window frames, doors and timber, a chart of matching paint colours is available. Read more about Paint Matching.