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Mitten Vinyl Australia is a leading supplier of Vertical Wall Cladding Systems and services. Our stylish and durable vinyl cladding products are perfect for renovation or building.

Consider using Mitten Vinyl Australia’s vertical cladding for your walls, gables and under eaves (soffit). The profile is particularly suited to hard-to-maintain areas like high roof ridges/gutters or second storey additions.

Mitten Vinyl are Australia’s leading suppliers of vinyl wall cladding systems. Our diverse product inventory and affordability make us the preferred choice when it comes to high quality vinyl cladding products. To create your desired contemporary look, consider using Mitten Vinyl Australia cladding in vertical profile for your walls, gables and under eaves (soffit). The vertical cladding profile is particularly suited for ‘hard to maintain’ areas such as high roof gables, gable ends, second storey additions and infills . Vertical cladding can also be used for ceiling linings under porches and verandas.

You can also use it in ceilings of porches or verandas where there would otherwise be a smooth surface below, which might not last very long due to poor weather conditions.

Our team can assist you in selecting the perfect vertical wall cladding for your needs, and we offer installation services to make your project easy and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

All our products are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. We offer lifetime warranties on all Mitten vinyl wall cladding products for your peace of mind. Complete your home with a vertical wall cladding system that is economical, durable and virtually maintenance free; contact Mitten Vinyl Australia today on 02 9792 3897.

Our Vertical Vinyl Cladding Projects Are Designed To Last

If you’re looking for a design statement that will last throughout your home’s exterior, consider our vertical vinyl cladding products across Australia. The Mitten Vinyl Australia product can be used in many places and has many benefits – from giving an updated appearance to simplifying maintenance on roofs with high pitch angles or shingles.

Vertical Vinyl cladding can be used in a variety of ways to improve the look and feel of a building. It is an affordable option that can be easily installed, and it adds value to a property.

Cladding Service we provide:

  • Frost White

  • Bone White

  • Ivory

  • Sandalwood

  • Satin Grey

  • Golden Sand

  • Mist Green

  • Lite Maple

  • Brownstone

  • Ash

  • Stratus

  • Nickel

Please note : Colour samples shown will vary on different monitors. Please contact us for colour samples to be sent to you.

  • 254mm wide double profile and 3.66metre length.
  • Lightweight construction enables easy installation.
  • Suitable for vertical installation on walls and square or mitred corner finishes.
  • Vented panels available for eaves and underfloor areas.
  • Superior wind resistance for high and inaccessible areas.
  • Lightly textured brush finish available in a range of 10 modern colours.
  • Long lifespan and reduced maintenance on ‘ hard to reach ‘ areas.
  • Cost effective modern alternative to traditional brickwork.
  • Designed to be installed over existing fibro or timber for your convenience.
  • Modern colour profiles can be tailored to suit your wall cladding system needs.
  • Superior weathering performance can withstand strong winds, heat and rain and will not rot.
  • Maintenance-free colour will not fade nor require paint ‘ touch up ‘.
  • Ecologically friendly asbestos-free materials used to produce all vinyl wall cladding systems.

Our vertical wall cladding products are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, ensuring a quality product that you can trust.

Additionally, we offer lifetime warranties on all Mitten vinyl wall cladding products. So why not complete your home with a vertical wall cladding system that is economical, durable and maintenance-free!

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