Certifications and Specifications

Mitten Vinyl Australia cladding conforms and surpasses certification standards in many countries.

Product Physicals:

TestStandard MethodUnits of MeasureResult
IZOD impact (0°C/32°F)ASTM D-256ft-lb/in3.53
IZOD impact (23°C/73°F)ASTM D-256ft-lb/in33.9
Tensile strengthASTM D-638Psi8200
Modulus of elasticityASTM D-638Psi370000
Deflection temperature under load @264PsiASTM D-648°F163
Coefficient of linear expansionASTM D-696x10-5 in/in/°F4.3
Chemical resistanceASTM D-543 excellent
Cell classificationASTM D-1784class #13544-B
Compound ClassASTM D-3679-89class #2

Fire Related Properties:

Test Standard Method Result
Flame spread index ASTM E84, UBC 42-1 18
fuel contribution 0
self ignition temperature, °F ASTM D-1929, UBC 52-3 810
smoke density rating (%) ASTM D-2843, UBC 52-2 42.1
maximum smoke density (%) 56.0
visibility of exit sign Good
total burn time, seconds ASTM D-635 < 5
extent of burning, mm < 5

Siding / Extrudate Typical Physical Properties:

TestStandard MethodUnits of MeasureResult
Impact resistance (73°F/23°C)ASTM D-4226in-lb/mil2.57
mpact resistance (32°F/0°C)ASTM D-4226in-lb/mil1.71
Low temperature flexabilityCGSB41-GP-24Ma% pass> 80
Shrinkage / reversionASTM D-1042%<3.0
Surface DistortionCGSB41-GP-24Ma
ASTM D-3679-89
°F> 131
Minimum thicknessCGSB41-GP-24Mamm1.0
Average thickness inch0.043
Normal thickness range inch.039 to .049

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