Sentry R Vinyl Cladding Projects, Australia

When you’re looking for a home that exudes sophistication and elegance, look no further than Mitten Vinyl Australia’s SentryR house cladding. With its simple design but versatile functionality, it can be used in all sorts of ways to create your perfect space – from the exterior walls or floorboards up until rooftops!

Mitten Vinyl Australia has a wide range of products available to suit your needs, from sentry vinyl cladding options such as our SentryR acrylic wall coating. We know that protection against the Australian climate is an important consideration when making this decision, so we offer several different types for you!

Our specialised products, like SentryR vinyl cladding and acrylic wall panels, which can be contoured for any exterior walls, provide an excellent snug fit and withstand 250kph winds while keeping out water damage thanks to its mould/termite-resistant design!

With its durability and affordability, a SentryR vinyl cladded home provides the perfect blend of value for money along with lifetime energy efficiency that will keep your house warm during winter or cool throughout summer. This means you can enjoy all those benefits without having any major repairs done on an ongoing basis!

Sentry R Vinyl House Cladding Services

Mitten Vinyl is the go-to company for all your residential SentryR vinyl cladding needs. We have various products to suit any style or budget, and they’re manufactured by industry pros who know what it takes to make them long-lasting.

Mitten Vinyl’s SentryR house cladding is designed to give you that classic, Australian look. The product offers protection from the harsh environment in which it will be installed while also adding an element of sophistication and simplicity with its minimal design features!

Sentry Vinyl House Cladding Services by mitten vinyl australia can help you choose the right vinyl cladding for your home and provide installation services so you can be sure the job is done correctly.

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Cladding Service we provide:

  • Annapolis Blue

  • Academy Grey

Please note: Colour samples shown will vary on different monitors. Please  contact us for colour samples to be sent to you.

  • Insulated acrylic cladding 230mm Cover (20mm foam-back)
  • Fullback Thermal Support reduces heat loss by up to 20%
  • Unique ‘cedar grain texture’
  • Available in 5.84m lengths
  • Roll-over nail hem increases panel resistance
  • Textured board is insect and mould resistant
  • Available in 4 dark, rich and vibrant rustic
    Advanced Colour Technology (act®) options with superior long-term colour retention and UV resistance
  • Complete line of matching trims available to suit all 4
    (act®) options
  • 25-Year Anti-Fade Guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly design – incorporating superior foam backing, providing trans-seasonal insulation
  • Energy efficient – keeping houses warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Cost effective option for enhancing the curb appeal of your home
  • Specially engineered for wind, mould and termite resistance to suit the climate and ecological needs of Australian houses

Mitten Vinyl offers a wide range of exterior cladding materials that are both stylish and affordable. Our sentryR vinyl cladding products are built to last and meet the highest Australian Standards.

If you’re looking for an exterior cladding material that will make your home stand out, get in touch with us today. We would be happy to address your requirement and provide a free quote.

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