Vicki's Home Makeover Brings Faded Memories To Life

My childhood home was built in the 1950s. It is a modest timber weatherboard home which is reminiscent of older style homesteads. My parents have lived in this house for 47 years and it is filled with many memories.

Over the years, our home has developed an ‘aged’ appearance, looking tired due to weathering effects and general wear and tear. We have sought affordable short-term solutions, such as washing and painting the timber, to maintain the cosmetic appeal of our family home throughout the last 4 decades.

Despite all our efforts to rejuvenate the look of our weary home, we have achieved less than desirable outcomes. We were looking for a low maintenance solution within an affordable budget, as my parents are elderly. I contacted Mitten Vinyl Australia who were only too happy to assist me.

Finding A Solution

Vicki contacted Mitten Vinyl Australia in the hope of finding an affordable solution for the makeover of her family home. Vicki’s family selected Cambridge Vinyl Cladding Lite Maple to dress the exterior of their home. The sandy beige tone and subtle ‘just painted’ low gloss wood grain texture created a cosy, earthy feel.

To minimise any changes that would compromise the traditional look of the home, Vicki’s parents decided to repaint the eaves prior to cladding the home. They opted for a classic white colour that complemented the cladding beautifully.

Cambridge Vinyl Cladding provided the perfect canvas for creating a modern neo-classic look combining old and new elements, without deviating too much from the original character of this traditional home.

The premium insulation features of Cambridge Vinyl Cladding are ideal for climate control all year round. Being virtually maintenance free, Cambridge cladding offers Vicki’s parents the hassle-free solution they have been desiring.

The Client's Verdict

Vicki and her parents were extremely pleased with the quick turnaround from the initial enquiry to the completion of the job. They were also delighted with the affordability of their home’s makeover, as well as the installer’s workmanship and Mitten’s friendly customer service from start to finish:

‘We were originally told it would take 2 weeks to complete the installation, but it was finished within a week…We initially planned to undertake an upgrade of the external façade as a 2-step process for financial reasons – however, we decided to complete the entire home as it fell well within my parents’ budget…Everyone was friendly and nice, even the installers. The installer became friends with my parents, and they spent the week having coffee and lunch breaks together…The whole process was quick and easy. Once the job was finished they cleaned up everything – they were very quick and efficient. We now receive a lot of comments from visitors and people walking past saying how good our home looks!’ (Vicki)

If you feel it is time to refresh the exterior of your beloved family home, consult the cladding professionals at Mitten Vinyl Australia.

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