Cladding Fact Sheets

R Value & Insulation

Mitten Vinyl Australia wall cladding can boost the energy efficiency of a home and has environmental benefits in its use and manufacture. With a choice of 15mm, 20mm or 30mm polystyrene foam backing on the vinyl cladding, the home benefits from increased insulation and the range of temperature variation inside the building is greatly reduced, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This will lead to significant energy cost savings and environmental benefits, including a reduction in carbon footprint and lower power consumption to control temperature inside the home. The result will be a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

Installation Advice for Exterior Cladding

A set of detailed installation instructions is available for Mitten Vinyl Australia products. We recommend that you obtain a copy and read thoroughly before beginning your project. Contact us to request a copy.

Fire Performance of Mitten Vinyl Cladding

Plastic cladding is increasingly attractive for use in environments requiring high levels of fire performance. Mitten vinyl cladding has excellent performance characteristics in fire situations. Due to its chlorine base, vinyl cladding's chemical makeup ensures that it does not ignite quickly and is inherently flame retardant.

Wall Cladding for New Construction

Exterior cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia is ideal for new construction of homes, second storey additions and extensions. Insulated vinyl cladding is strong and lightweight, easy to maintain and never needs painting. The woodgrain finish and low sheen give the appearance of freshly painted timber weatherboards and vinyl cladding blends well with brick, render and stone finishes. This the perfect easy-care solution for the finishing of high and inaccessible areas, as the colour is solid through the board and will not deteriorate like painted finishes.

Paint Matching Cladding

Matching paint colours to Mitten Vinyl Cladding is easy with our chart of matching Dulux paint formulas. Mitten Vinyl Australia has combined with Dulux to create a range of paint colours that will match with every colour in the range of Mitten wall cladding products.

Certifications & Specifications

Mitten Vinyl Australia's Vertical Cladding is used for walls, gables and under eaves (soffit). Because it never needs painting, Mitten' vertical cladding is particularly suited for 'hard to maintain' areas, such as high roof gables, second storey additions and infills.

Environmental Benefits of Mitten Vinyl Cladding

Today's vinyl cladding delivers many recognised benefits beauty, durability, good value, low maintenance, sustainability. Insulated vinyl cladding from Mitten Vinyl Australia contributes to sustainable building practices it uses materials and processes which are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout its life cycle.

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