Stylish and Functional Acrylic Wall Cladding

A fabulous addition to your home- acrylic wall cladding brings a rare combination of functionality and aesthetics. It doesn’t matter how well your exterior walls are built – they are prone to extreme weather conditions along with regular wear and tear.

Acrylic cladding panels act as a coating for the exterior walls and add a hint of style and comfort to your home. There are different cladding materials available on the market. However, acrylic exterior wall panels have become a popular choice among homeowners due to their sturdiness, beauty and functionality.

Sturdy and Attractive Acrylic Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

Mitten Vinyl offers a wide range of acrylic wall cladding panels featuring attractive designs and patterns. These specially designed acrylic exterior wall panels get it right on every front from the visual appeal through to better investment return and durability. Invest in wall cladding hardware and protect your home without causing structural damage.

Australian weather is inclement – the temperature soars as high as 40 degrees during summers. Also, torrential rains are quite common in several Australian coastal towns and cities. Your home’s exterior wall gets exposed to these elements, eventually losing its charm. Acrylic wall claddings are sturdy and act as a protective barrier. These low maintenance claddings are easy to clean – You can keep your home looking great and as good as new without spending through your savings.

Give Your Home a Strong Protective Cover - Buy Acrylic Cladding Panels

Keep the structural integrity of your home intact without compromising its visual appeal. Mitten Vinyl’s range of acrylic cladding panels reduce cracks in the wall by regulating large temperature fluctuations. It also prevents water absorption, keeping mould formation in check.

Our acrylic exterior wall panels are great for beach homes where strong winds and torrential rains are common phenomena. These strong exterior wall panels protect the infrastructure of your home from the detrimental impacts of rain and winds.

Reduce Power Bills With Acrylic Exterior Wall Panels

Keeping the power bills low is an utmost priority for many Australian homes. While there are other ways to keep the internal temperature regulated, acrylic exterior wall panels are inexpensive and effective without added energy. Cladding adds an additional layer of insulation which keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Benefits of Our Wall Cladding Hardware

  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Home From Rains, Sun, Snow and Sub-zero Temperature
  • Better Acoustic Insulation
  • High-Quality Material
  • Great Return on Investment

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