Revesby Heights House Renovation

Revesby Heights House Renovation

Revesby Heights House Renovation – October 2020

Location and type of build Renovations to a two-storey house

Revesby Heights, NSW

Type of cladding

Colour choice

Cambridge™ Vinyl Cladding – 20mm

Ash colour was chosen to complement the brown and grey roof and gutters.

Eaves/sarking – white

What problem was this renovation solving and why did the customer decide to go with cladding vs other materials? The customer wanted to completely change the look of their two-storey house and needed a lightweight option.
Anything that made this job trickier? We also installed 19 windows and 2 doors which the owner had purchased.

Scaffolding was required for the job as we needed to strip all the aluminium from the entire house.

Customer profile and location A middle-aged couple and family.

Revesby Heights, NSW

Project length Approximately 2-3 weeks