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Cladding for Architects & Designers

IMPORTANT Please read the following points carefully. A set of detailed installation instructions is available for Mitten Vinyl Australia products. We recommend that you obtain a copy and read thoroughly before beginning your project. Contact us to request a copy. Read more about Cladding for New Construction.


    01 Before installation, store vinyl cladding materials on flat ground, preferably out of direct sun. If stored in direct sun, cut open the ends of packs to allow trapped heat to escape.

    02 Use corrosion resistant nails or screws with large head.

    03 Do not screw or fix tightly. Use the rollover nail hem on the nailing strip as a hammer stop to prevent tight fixing. Vinyl cladding must be able to move during expansion and contraction.

    04 Nail or screw in the centre of the oval nailing slot to allow for movement. Use a nail hole punch to create extra slots if needed.

    05 Allow a minimum 5mm space in each J trim and corner post channel to allow for expansion.

    06 Use a floating overlap joint to allow for expansion of horizontal boards. Do not seal the join with silicone or glue.

    07 When connecting astragals, vent pipes or other fixtures to a wall which has been clad, screw holes must be made larger than the screw or nail to allow for movement. Fill the hole with silicone sealer for waterproofing.

    08 Vertical installation –position board in trims then fix loosely at top of highest nailing slot to hang the board. Install other fasteners in centre of nail slots.

If you're unsure about the installation of your exterior cladding or for more information on any of our wall cladding services, please contact us today.