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CambridgeTM Vinyl Cladding

Cambridge TM vinyl cladding offers peace of mind and a virtually maintenance-free exterior with its subtle woodgrain patterns. The foam backing gives added strength to protect your home against any possible flaws in the wall structure or foundation while insulating it for better temperature control within that area too!

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Sentry Vinyl Cladding

What's more beautiful than an energy-efficient, durable home that keeps you warmer in winter and cooler during summer? The SentryRclad house has been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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CedarlineTM Vinyl Cladding

The CedarlineTM vinyl cladding has a flat modern profile and provides virtually maintenance-free protection when it comes to exterior material. The foam backing gives added strength insulation properties to the product while also preventing any unwanted noise from leaking onto your surroundings!

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Vertical Vinyl Cladding

Mitten Vinyl Australia's Vertical Cladding is a cost-effective and easy to install option for those with 'hard maintenance areas. It never needs painting, which makes it perfect in high roof gables or second storey additions that are often difficult without the correct type of cladding paint job!

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