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Vinyl House Cladding in Sydney

Mitten Vinyl’s range of vinyl house cladding in Sydney offers the best of aesthetics and functionality to your home. Engineered to withstand heavy rains, strong winds and extreme temperatures, our range of vinyl house cladding protects your investment.

Protect Your Home - Buy Vinyl House Cladding in Sydney

Mitten Vinyl, with its extensive experience of over 50 years, offers world-class cladding solutions for homes. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one - our vinyl house claddings gives your building just the right amount of protection against weather conditions. These are low maintenance cladding that are resistant to UV rays, salt spray, humidity and powerful coastal winds.

Buy Eye-Catching Vinyl House Cladding at Unbeatable Prices

Mitten’s contemporary range of vinyl house cladding offers a rich variety of colours and textures that make your home beautiful. There’s no need to worry about getting the walls painted every few years. Our variety of vinyl cladding is installed over the existing infrastructure - It’s an ideal home renovation project as it is relatively inexpensive.

Vinyl House Cladding in Sydney - One-Time Investment For Homeowners

Here at Mitten Vinyl, we hold durability and functionality as an utmost priority. Traditional materials such as brick, wood, stone or metal cladding are not always cost-effective. Also, these materials undergo quicker wear and tear and eventually increase the annual maintenance. Mitten’s Vinyl cladding solutions are durable and withstand inclement weather conditions typical in the coastal areas of Sydney and New Queensland.

If you are looking for vinyl house cladding in Sydney, contact Mitten Vinyl. Call 02 9792 3897 or drop an email at sales@mittenvinyl.com.au.