Sutherland House Renovation

Sutherland House Renovation

Sutherland House Renovation – September 2020
Location and type of build Residential house


Type of cladding

Colour choice

Cedarline™ Vinyl Cladding – 20mm

New window in side wall

What problem was this renovation solving and why did the customer decide to go with cladding vs other materials? The customer had old, fading cladding on the house.

The house needed sprucing up.

The customer had also changed the size of a window on a side wall and was unable to match the same material.

Anything that made this job trickier? Moved old window and installed a new window in a different area.
Customer profile and location A middle-aged couple, working.

The house looked tired and they wanted to improve it before they got too old.

Project length 4 days