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Quality Window Cladding Trim For An Aesthetic Look

Preserve wood and improve its weather resistance with Mitten's window cladding trim. The window cladding trim is specifically designed for Australian homes and our harsh climate. Plus, these are easy to use, handle and store. The business is supported by dedicated team members with many years of experience in the cladding industry.

Features & Benefits of Window Cladding Trims

Some vital reasons to choose window cladding trim:
● Reduced maintenance
You can have wooden windows without regular maintenance with these trims. The cladding does not require painting, sealing or staining to look the best.
● Beauty
Cladding is designed to match the home's exterior, regardless of the material. There's no need for extra effort to paint the cladding a different colour.
● Insulation
Windows protected by cladding are generally better insulated.
● Weather Resistance
These trims prevent weather damage and other weather elements from penetrating the original window material.
● Damage Protection
Installing on top of the frame or the exterior can prevent damage to the window frame and wall structure.
● Look of wood
Windows that have cladding on the exterior can maintain the look of bare wood inside the home.

Types of Cladding Window Trims

The way you dress your windows will have a big impact on the aesthetic appeal and market value of that home. It's important to think about what trimming material would be best for vinyl cladding, as it can make or break its appearance.

Vinyl Cladding
Mitten is the Australasian distributor for a range of quality vinyl cladding products. Vinyl cladding protects and provides durability more than just the appearance of siding. Vinyl cladding trims include corner posts, finish trims and window and door trims and are available in all colours.

Aluminium Cladding
Aluminium cladding is a popular material for windows because it offers more strength, dent resistance and longevity than other options. The sleek appearance of this metal also makes the building appear modern and new-like over a longer period! Aluminium is affordable, which allows you to install it seamlessly with most window shapes while still providing adequate insulation.

Mitten Vinyl provides window cladding trim for residential and commercial categories. To know more about cladding window trim, corner cladding finishing trims, acrylic window trim kit and more, connect to us on 02 9792 3897 or mail us at sales@mittenvinyl.com.au.