5 Reasons Mitten Vinyl Australia’s Cladding Is Safe As Houses

5 Reasons Mitten Vinyl Australia’s Cladding Is Safe As Houses

5 Reasons Mitten Vinyl Australia’s Cladding Is Safe As Houses

Cladding has been making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. With fires at apartment complexes in both Sydney and Melbourne, serious questions are being asked about the buildings’ materials and how they affected the fires. Commercial aluminium composite panels used on the facades of buildings have been found to contribute to the spread of fire in some cases.

With widespread concern regarding the importation of building products into Australia, and the robustness of quality and safety checks for new builds, Mitten Vinyl Australia applauds the NSW government’s swift response to launch an audit following the fires in Sydney.

Mitten Vinyl Australia’s vinyl cladding range is proudly made to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4256.4 and certified by the Canadian manufacturer. Quality and safety are never compromised for their cladding materials.

Mitten Vinyl Australia’s cladding for houses has excellent performance characteristics in a fire situation.

  • It is inherently flame retardant due to vinyl cladding’s chemical makeup and chlorine base.
  • Vinyl cladding extinguishes more easily as it will not support combustion in air with a normal concentration of oxygen.
  • Being slow to ignite, with slow flame spread vinyl cladding materials will usually self-extinguish once the heat source is removed.
  • Vinyl cladding has a low heat release, contributing to less radiant heat damage.
  • Observations indicate that internal timber framing and roof timbers are protected from initial heat exposure by vinyl cladding.

Mitten Vinyl Australia is a fully independent, family owned and operated company and has been established for over 30 years, supplying and installing vinyl weatherboard cladding for Australian and New Zealand residential builders and home owners.

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To read more about the fire performance of Mitten Vinyl Australia’s cladding view our fact sheet.