BRANZ Product Approval

BRANZ Vinyl Cladding Product Approval

Mitten Vinyl Australia is proud to carry the BRANZ recommendation, with our Cambridge and Cedarline Vinyl Cladding domestic and light commercial products meeting all necessary requirements for safe and approved installation on building projects throughout Australasia – as outlined in the BRANZ Appraisal No. 814 (2013).

What is BRANZ?

BRANZ stands for Building and Research Association of New Zealand (although they approve products for distribution not only in New Zealand but throughout Asia-Pacific). It functions as an advisory council, which has the capacity to test and approve products that meet its standards to be distributed in New Zealand (and Asia-Pacific).

What’s involved in BRANZ Approval?

BRANZ appraisals involve strict testing and research on factors which ensure a product is safe, functional and long-lasting. BRANZ Approval also includes the product simultaneously meeting the provisions of New Zealand’s Building Code.

Our high quality cladding products from the Cambridge and Cedarline ranges passed stringent testing to ensure their design incorporates:

  • Extended durability
  • High wind resistance
  • Weather tightness
  • Impact resistance
  • Absence of hazardous materials
  • High fire resistance
  • Consistent Quality Control during manufacture
  • Correct storage methods
  • Simple and safe construction techniques

For more information on the Cambridge and Cedarline vinyl cladding profiles, call Mitten Vinyl Australia on 1300 66 55 43.